Advanced Dabbing - The DEMEDO E-Nail Kit

Traditionally, achieving optimal temperatures has been a job of butane torch, and the butane torch is always the most popular dabber nail heating mechanism. Torches can heat nails well, however, they don't provide a consistent temperature which often keep the dabber to wait each time. And torches make it easy to set your surroundings on fire and the combustion of torch fuel (butane or propane) releases carbon monoxide which can become dangerous in poorly-ventilated areas.

We are living in the golden age of dabbing. The cannabis concentrate industry has become quite complex over the past few years. As we have progressed in the quality of concentrates, we have also made progress in dabbing technology - the emergence of a technique called electronic nailing that uses electricity to ensure the perfect dab every time.

Enter the E-Nail (electronic nail) Era

The latest and best dab technology is in the form of "electronic nails". The electronic nail utilizes the electrical circuit to heat the nail by induction heating rather than the direct heat by the torch.

- Simple Operation: The heating coil is mounted on the titanium nail and the temperature is set by a variable PID temperature controller. Although heating may take longer than using a torch (usually takes about one minute to reach a stable temperature), it can offset the inconvenience of using a torch. In fact, most electronic nails use very little power so that they can stay in a safe place for a long time without causing any actual damage to electricity bill.

- Temperature Control: When using a torch, not heating the nails sufficiently can lead to some concentrate does not evaporate and left at the bottom of the nails, waiting to be burned off during the next heating. But this is no a problem for E-Nail any more. In fact, the flexibility of temperature control allows dabbers to slowly and carefully evaporate concentrates at low temperatures, thereby allowing for greater distribution of terpenes. Even at normal operating temperatures, the nail does not need to heat up like a torch, which can reduce the amount of carbonized (burned onto the nail) and and reducing the overall stress applied to the rig.

Of course, E-nails have their own concerns; if you are not careful, it is easy to forget that it is very hot and may cause your fingers to burn.If you don't notice it, you will definitely burn a hole in the floor! But for those concentrated smokers who are used to dealing with the trouble of the torch, these things shouldn't be a big problem

So if you’re in the market for some new dabbing gear, this should be at the top of your list! DEMEDO Enail provide the great and effective electronic nail for you. 2 grade titanium, pure and high quality quartz, PID temperature control box and so on. Every part has been carefully selected to form the best e-nail kit for you. Just be warned- once you start using DEMEDO e-nail kit, you won’t want to use anything else!

 E-NAIL with PID temperature controller for dab

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