Great kit! Solid and works great. The enail is very good with very steady heat control and good quality coil heater. I will recomend this store to my friend!!!.

-Josh Nieves

Great quality. Plug in and use. No issues works perfectly for 14mm dab rig.This dnail gets to 710 degrees within 2 minutes.

-Eric D. Johnson

YES!!! these go for $250+ in my world!!! Exactly like pictured,probably gonna get another one for travel. worth it!!! dab after dab with no waiting.


Excellent product!  It heats up 710 fahrenheit in under 2 minutes and works like a charm. Btw, don't bother with the SET button. To adjust the heat, you just have to hold down either the "up" or "down" arrow until the numbers flash.

-Alan B.

Honestly in love with this product, it is the best dabs i have taken!!!!! it stays on for my sesh and no more torches thats all i need. plus the product quality is amazing. thank you so much!


Probably one of the best purchases I’ve made!! Never have to use a torch again unless you're mobile. This one is perfectly powered, quick to heat up, easy, just be sure to figure out what coil size you need, seriously rad.

-Craig J Saenz