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Rosin Press

  • Homemade Rosin Dabs, TARIK T-Rex Rosin Press for Beginner, DIY Press Oil Wax Extractor Rosin Press Machine, Portable Heating Tools
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  • 4 in 1 Quartz Banger for 14mm and 18mm male female collector, compatible for 20mm coil
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Why Choose Demedo Enail

Pure, Concentrated Fun

With our dabbing enail, user can enjoy pure, highly concentrated end product in an easy way, as the heating temperature has been pre-setted per our long time experience.

Protect Your Lungs

Dabbing enail reduces the risk of lungs disease and will not cause bad smell in the room like traditional smoking.

Relieve Serious Pain

Relief pain from serious illness such as cancer.With our high quality dabbing enails, you can enjoy years of peace of mind.

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What Other Customers Say About Us

Great kit! Solid and works great. The enail is very good with very steady heat control and good quality coil heater. I will recomend this store to my friend!!!

Josh Nieves

Great quality. Plug in and use. No issues works perfectly for 14mm dab rig.This dnail gets to 710 degrees within 2 minutes.

Eric D. Johnson

YES!!! these go for $250+ in my world!!! Exactly like pictured,probably gonna get another one for travel. worth it!!! dab after dab with no waiting.


Excellent product!  It heats up 710 fahrenheit in under 2 minutes and works like a charm. Btw, don't bother with the SET button. To adjust the heat, you just have to hold down either the "up" or "down" arrow until the numbers flash.

Alan B.

Honestly in love with this product, it is the best dabs i have taken!!!!! it stays on for my sesh and no more torches thats all i need. plus the product quality is amazing. thank you so much!


Probably one of the best purchases I’ve made!! Never have to use a torch again unless you're mobile. This one is perfectly powered, quick to heat up, easy, just be sure to figure out what coil size you need, seriously rad.

Craig J Saenz