Enail For Dabbing Concentrates

What is Enail?

As the use of concentrated waxes becomes easier, portable electronic nails (also called eRigs) have become the preferred method of applying wax. The small but powerful vial represents the newest method of evaporating wax concentrates, exuding dense, super-strong clouds. Compared to traditional crayon-type evaporators, eNails are more stable, reliable and powerful, providing the power needed for bench-top rigs to extract energy from wall outlets. Coupled with better temperature control, the main difference between bench drills and portable electronic nails is that the latter is battery powered, portable and rechargeable, and enabling dabbing on-the-go.


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For concentrates, the most important factor in terms of enjoyment and efficiency is temperature control. If the nails are too hot, you’re left with a plasticky tasting dab. If too cold, the cream will not emit the proper vapor. Lightweight people have relied on butane torches since the beginning of the pat, an inefficient and inaccurate form of heating. Using a standard desktop or glass drill to find the right temperature consistency for your nails can be a guessing game. Once the user's flashlight is not in direct contact with the nail, it will cool quickly, which means you will never have 100% confidence in the temperature of the nail. In addition to the guessing game, the torch needs to be supplemented with butane, which puts a heavy burden on your budget.


Thankfully, the nail box is usually made up of a controller box that transfers heat through a coil that is directly connected to the nail itself, so temperature guessing is not a problem. With your nails, you can set the desired temperature without worrying about any kind of thermal changes. Snails allow for consistent at precise temperatures and will stay hot without the need for re-torching, so what you have to worry about is loading and smearing.


Maintaining your nails is much easier than with a desktop or glass drill. Your nail will keep clean because of precise temperature control . The high temperature of the torch causes the wax to burn, leaving a hard residue on the nail, while the nail polish promotes a cleaner burn at lower temperatures.


What temperature can I reach?

An enail allows users to better utilize their temperature for "low temperature dabbing". A dab between 315 °F and 450 °F is considered to be "low temperature dab". Low temperature taps provide more flavor and effectiveness while keeping the shot smooth. You can unlock new flavor notes that the torch would burn off, which will also promotes the effect of higher presence of terpenes. Dab enthusiasts who value flavor will especially like small jars because their ability to maintain a stable temperature ensures that they do not taste strange, unnatural flavors. The use of a carbohydrate cap increases the generation of vapor, so when you cover the chamber, the vapor will roll during the low temperature Dab.


Although some people choose a low-temperature tapping lifestyle, many concentrate users have chosen another way to improve their nail strength and accept high-temperature dabs. High temperature dabs, between 600°F and 900°F, deliver strong clouds and effects. ,You need to use a carbon fiber cab to keep the nails war with low temperature dabs, not so with high temperature dabs: the high temperatures will not waste the wax and will immediately evaporate all the wax. This temperature range is not for those who value flavor because the high temperature eliminates the terpene of the concentrate.


Enail VS Torch

Portability is an important reason why enails are becoming more popular. Before the enail, dab enthusiasts would have to drag the desktop around (hoping there would be an outlet in sight) or drag the glass drill and all its parts wherever they wanted to dab. Enails eliminate the reliance on butane and wall power, allowing you to enjoy desktop-style rips anywhere from a festival to food trucks With its optimized features, small cans can be operated with very little power while still be able to last for hours. Torch and bench drills can’t access lightweight, lightweight drills that can be delivered in a short time.


As dabbing grows in popularity, the enail industry has released more advanced products. Enails have durable rechargeable batteries. These devices produce the steam of desktop rig that combines portability with power to provide a more convenient tapping experience.


How to use Enail

Despite their advanced technology, the nails are simply to use. When you turn on your device, you can choose an accurate temperature or a time-saving preset. It is important to note that different concentrates have different THC levels, so it is helpful to know the effectiveness of the oil before applying it to the nail. Smear is more intense than dry herbs, so it's best to start small and increase the size of the applicator.


Procedurally, enails are a short process. Firstly, focus on your tool and get ready to apply it to your nails. Secondly, it’s to adjust the temperature to your temperature. Some small holes will remember your last temperature, but other small points will require you to choose a temperature at the beginning of each session. When the temperature is reached, your nails will let you know through the LED display or tactile (vibration) feedback. Once the nails are getting good and heated, pick up the eraser and apply the concentrate directly to the nail while slowly inhaling. Rotating the gasification tool as it evaporates can help prevent any waste that might get stuck on the gasification agent. After exhaling, your journey is complete and you can enjoy the concentration.

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