Five Common FAQs of Dabbing with E-Nail

Nowaday a lot of people are dabbing and more people are talking about dabbing.But for novices, What is dabbing? So let's dive into it.

In the words of laymen, dabbing is a quick way to consume cannabis and get really high. DABs, especially concentrated in the form of cannabis, packed with THC and flavor, are also very effective. One dab can keep novice smokers medicated for over one or two hours easily.

In addition to being able to get you high quickly, dabs are also easier for your lungs than smoking a bowl or joint of flower. Because you vaporize the concentrate by putting on a hot nail instead of using an open flame, your lungs are not affected by butane and other byproducts of combustion that are inhaled when smoking with other methods of consumption. This is the main reason why many people like to dab, and why more people are interested in giving it a chance after learning more.

If you are interested in trying to tap or have already done so and would like to know more, please keep the following in mind!

How much should I take?

The size of the dab you take depends on how often you smoke or consume cannabis in other forms. People who smoke regularly, such as those who consume cannabis several times a day, may need a slightly larger intake because of their higher tolerance. In general, individuals will build up a slight tolerance to the THC and other components of the cannabis they’re consuming over time, which is usually compensated for by a slightly larger dab. However, if you are a beginner, even if you are a regular smoker, you will want to start with a small size or smaller size. Dabs is completely different from cannabis consumption in flower form, so it's best to start small and then work upwards instead of doing it a few times.

What is a carbohydrate cap? Do I need to use one when I'm dabbing?

A carb cap is a small tool used to “cap” or cover an e-nail while dabbing. The idea of ​​capping the nail is to capture the vapor (after contacting the concentrate with the e-nail) and allow for maximum inhalation. Most people who dab would agree that a large amount of vapor may be lost when inhaled without a carbohydrate cap. However, it is not always necessary to use a carb cap when dabbing. Although most people prefer to dab at lower temperatures, this requires the use of a carb cap, but some people prefer to dab with their nails so hot that the risk of evaporation loss is low.

How do I know which the right temperature of my nail to take a dab?

As we mentioned, some people prefer their nails are hot enough that don't require a carb cap, while others prefer that their nails are slightly cooler to cater to a milky hit with richer flavor. DEMEDO E-nail Kit can provide the prefect temperature for your dabbing. Using the PID temperature controller, you can adjust the temperature you want for dabbing. No matter you use the titanium nail or quartz nail, it all depends on the thickness of the nail, so trial and error may be your best shot at finding your preferred temperature. But there are alway the perfect temperature for you with the DEMEDO E-Nail.

How to store my dabs?

Try to store dabs similar to storing medications - in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Due to the consistency, some concentrates may melt and make a mess if left in direct sunlight or in a very warm place. Similarly, concentrates get wetting is a bad idea and can cause sizzling on the nail and other problems. Having said that, there are several options for storing your taps. Any container in which your concentrate is imported from the pharmacy is usually a safe choice. Small glass bottles and parchment papers are also good storage concepts. Finally, silicon containers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from because the product does not stick to the container and is easy to clean and smell-proof.

Should I clean my e-nail?

As with any new technology, especially when consuming cannabis, it is important to keep everything clean to extend the life of the product. When it comes to e-nails and dabbing, it makes no difference. After each use (or multiple uses), be sure to clean the nails by burning excess residue - or in a particularly sticky case, use ISO or alcohol purchased at any convenience store.

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