How to Dab

So you want to learn how to dab?


“Dab” refers to a highly concentrated or extracted cannabis dose that is heated on a very hot surface (usually a nail) and then inhaled through a DAB rig or a modified lance.


The extract used in the application is usually referred to as wax, comminuted, rosin, bud or BHO (butane hash oil).


With the advent of advanced cannabis concentrate extraction methods, the practice of dabbing has become very popular as fast and efficient way to medicate with high levels of THC or the other cannabinoids, such as CBD. In addition, dabbing is vaporizing, but not smoking, which allows the release of activated cannabinoids without the disadvantages of burning.


A Beginner’s Guide on How to Dab




Find a clean, safe surface to place your rag or modified smoker. Put the dab container, the extraction tool and the torch on the same surface for easy access when applied. Make sure that the extraction tool is titanium or quartz to avoid inhaling metal shavings or glass flakes. Double check that your torch is filled with butane. Get rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs or alcohol wipes ready for cleaning the nails when necessary.


step 1:

Choose a small piece or a small piece of extract about one grain in size - this is a good choice for beginners.


Make sure it is attached to the tip of the tool or knife and ready to be inserted into the nail slot.


Set it aside and support it so that the extract does not fall off the tool or remove any contaminants from the surface of the table.


Step 2:

Set your first small blanket aside, put the torch and start heating your nails.


Be very careful and make sure you are in a safe place to avoid accidental fire. Never aim the torch at another person, the heat will be very concentrated and spread far away.


Hold the torch a few inches from the nail and once it starts heating, move the flame slightly to spread the heat over the entire surface. Once the nails begin to glow warm and deep, you are ready. Pay attention to overheating (bright red nails), which will affect the taste and irritation of civilian cigarettes.


Step 3:

Do not touch the nails.


If you can keep your fingers about 1/2 inch from your nails and feel a slight warmth after 1 second, you can dab.


Never dab with "hot" nails. Make sure to wait for it to cool to the correct temperature. Doing a "hot dabs" will be bad for your throat and you will destroy the terpene (taste/odor molecules) in the process.


Step 4:

Start to draw on the pipe slowly. Then place the small dad into the groove around the hole in the center of the nail.


It will start to vaporize.

Lower the extraction tool into the tank and slowly cycle the tool to ensure full of vaporization of the extract.


Step 5:

As you continue to draw on the pipe holder, pick up the carbon cap and cover the top of the nail.


This will capture all the vapor under the cap and guide it down through the nail into the pipe.

After the extract has completely evaporated, remove the carbohydrate cap and draw deeply.


Post-Dabs :

Strength and duration of the extract from extracts is usually much longer than the flower. Like any new cannabis product, start with a small amount, know your does and make sure you are in a comfortable place. When you are done

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