How to properly connect a coil to a PID Temperature Controller?

If you're looking to use the Demedoenail coil, you'll need to follow a few simple steps.

First, This coil requires proper connection to a PID temperature controller in order to regulate the temperature. There are five different wires on the coil that need to be connected correctly for it to function properly.

The first two wires are the thermocouple+ and thermocouple-, which serve as input wires from the temperature sensor. The third wire is the ground wire, which provides electrical grounding to the coil. The last two wires are the power+ and power- wires, which supply the necessary electrical power to the coil.

Steps to correctly connect the coil

When it comes to using the PID Temperature Controller, there are five buttons to be aware of. The power button is located at the top, while the up and down buttons allow you to set and control the temperature. We suggest that beginners avoid using the set and > buttons, as they're used to reset the preset temperature. If you need to unplug the coil, just press the PID Temperature Controller button to unplug the coil.

The display screen will show you the current temperature and other important information, while the mode setting button allows you to switch between different modes. Use the temperature setting up and down buttons to adjust the temperature to your liking.

Steps to use PID Temperature Controller correctly

By following these simple steps and familiarizing yourself with the various buttons and inputs, you can ensure that your Demedoenail coil and PID Temperature Controller are working properly and providing you with accurate temperature control.

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