Something you need to know about E-nail for Dabbing

What is E-nail or Dab Nail ?

Commonly referred to as “electronic nails,” E-nail is a device used for the gasification of BHO, rosin, shatter or other cannabis concentrates. There are many materials to choose to make dab nails such as ceramics, quartz, titanium alloys and hybrid quartz titanium. Most of nail used by the current cannabis legal countries is quartz, which can withstand high heat and has a long-lasting high temperature, It has a better taste than titanium alloy.

What is Low Temperature Dab ?

When heating dab nails, the optimum temperature is around 149°C ~315°C ( 300°F - 600°F ). This temperature range is called low temperature dabs. This method has a better, clean and smoother taste of BHO and the best gasification performance of THC, CBD and Terpene.

What is High Temperature Dab ?

When heating the dab nails, heating temperature around 315°C ~482°C ( 600°F - 900°F ) is called high temperature dabs, this temperature level provides the largest amount of smoke and the heaviest impact of the dab, and it can vaporized in the shortest time. Due to the amount of smoke and heat, it may cause coughing and a slight burned taste. However, dabbers that put a premium on maximum impact, high temperature dabs would probably be the preferred method.

At present, more and more Dabbers in Europe and the United States are using the E-nail, which can be adjusted to the desired temperature and has a constant temperature function to ensure that each dab are under best temperature. 

DEMEDO Enail Kit is a temperature adjustable device, no matter high temperature or low temperature, you can choose the temperature you want. The default setting temperature is 710F, which is the best temperature for dabbing. Of course, you can change it at any time. 

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