What is the difference between demedoenail Flat Coil and Barrel Coil?

Of all the essential elements of an demedoenail setup, the heating coil is one of the most important. The heating coil is responsible for heating the nail or banger to the desired temperature for vaporizing concentrates. The heating coil is available in several different shapes, sizes, and configurations, with each type of coil offering different benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we'll explore the different types of demedoenail coils size and their advantages and disadvantages.

Flat Coil

Coil Size: 10mm

10mm Flat Heating Coil for Enails

The flat coil is a popular choice for demedoenail setups due to its broad heating surface area, making it suitable for a variety of nails and bangers. The Flat Coil is most commonly used with a nail setup, whether titanium or hybrid.


Provides even heating to the entire bottom surface area of the nail or banger.
Suitable for nails and bangers. (best for nails, such as hybrid nails)
Steady bucket bottom temperature.


Not suitable for bucket bangers or larger bangers or nails.
Only heats the bottom of the dish or banger, not the sides.

Barrel Enail Coil

Coil Size: 16mm/20mm

Heating Coil for Enails

The barrel coil is similar to the axial coil in shape, but lacks the bottom wrapping. it's designed to wrap tightly around the nail or banger's sides. Barrel coils are ideal for smaller bangers or nectar collector nails.


The only real option for nectar collector nails.
Great for small bangers, like the 4 in 1 Quartz Nail
Satisfactory for low-temp or high-temp dabs.
Faster heat-up time than flat coils.


Not suitable for larger nails and bangers.
Does not directly heat the bottom of the banger


Choosing the right demedoenail coil depends on your quartz banger or dab nail preferences, the type of concentrate you're using, and the size of your nail or banger. Looking for maximum taste? The demedoenail setup would be best for you. Looking for small dabs? Check out the 10mm Flat Coil. Looking to take tiny super efficient dabs? Maybe the 16mm/20mm Barrel coil would be best for you.

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