Why Do You Need E-nail

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If you are now concerned about your health and you want to give up the traditional way of smoking. Well, this is a very good thing for you. Because you can't quit smoking at one go, it would be better if you take the help of vaping devices like e-cig.

In the world of vaping industry, a new form of vaporization unit has entered the market. It is called enails. An E-nail, also known as an electronic nail, is a vaporization device that provides a stable temperature to evaporate the concentrate.

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Today, there are better alternatives to evaporating cannabis on the market. Basically, the vaporization company has taken the concept of a stove and some scientific help in order to come up with an electronic nail.

When a person plans to evaporate dry herbs, he/she will be introduced to the world of dabbing. Basically, the cannabis concentrate was tapped. Since temperature can be controlled, it is considered to be the safest and most effective method. That's why enails is considered the best vaping tool on the market.

How does it help?
The design of the electronic nail allows the heated coil to be instantly attached to the provided nail. Therefore, provide a hand and torch free experience for dabbing. The concentrate in the E-nail will remain very hot and does not require reheating. One thing users need to do is reload their tapping tools again.

Whether you are a dabbing specialist or a beginner, investing in electronic nails is a good choice. To provide you with the best vaporization experience.

Why Buy the DEMEDO E-Nail Kit?
Are you looking for an e-nail but don’t want to spend more than $200 on an expensive equipment? And do you want it perform as good as most of other expensive electronic nails? Then the DEMEDO E-nail Kit will be the best choice for you.

DEMEDO e-nail Kit goes for around $130 which is cheaper than most of the electronic nails you’ll find on the market. It comes with 1 PID Temperature Controller, 1 Titanium / Quartz / Hybrid Quartz Nail, 1 Titanium / Quartz Cap, 1 Heating Coil (20mm), 1 AC Power Adapter, 2 silicone wax containers and one Exquisite packaging box, which is portable.

This e-nail has a very user friendly design, and it’s extremely easy to use. It has 5 buttons, the power button and 2 up and down buttons to set and control the temperature. The other two button, set and >, we suggest that beginners don't use them because it use to reset the preset temperature.

Adjustable temperature allow you to get different flavorful dabs you want. 710°F preset temperature is the ideal temperature for dabbing. The beginners can enjoy your dabs at this temperature.

The DEMEDO Enail Set is a solid option for any concentrate fans looking for a convenient way to smoke dabs! This device is well worth the investment at a price tag that less than $130



Note: If you are retailer or the one want to group buy, please feel free to contact us: sales@demedoenail.com . We can request the lower price for you.

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